I'm just keeping MY Dope Alive....

Posted by Rekay Brogdon on

Whether it's from a fly t-shirt to a vintage pair of leather boots, I'M with ALL that! My most recent and interesting passion currently is making cool, graphic & custom t-shirts. Just to create... yes, purposeful and cool as hell for those who can appreciate or dabble in the "arts". This is coming from a previous saxophone, chorus, artist & stylist so you catch my drift..

This is what passion looks like and that will differ from person to person however, we ALL connect through differences with an amazing similarity in emotions and vibez so why not highlight that in every unique or trendy piece of fashion that expresses how we feel and what we choose to look like on a day to day!?!

This form of expression is exhilarating and creates a beautiful fashion journey each day! Follow meeeeee!!!! :-)

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